1. Group 1 : Mr. Prem V and Mr. Rajan M
    Land use and land cover change with special reference to the paddy field in Mundur Grama panchayat in Palakkad district of Kerala

  2. Group 2 : Mr. Kishore A and Mr. Vimod K K
    Impact of Urban Sprawl on Land Use in the Kol Wetlands of Thrissur District, Kerala

  3. Group 3 : Mr. Swapnil Fadte and Mr. Vivek Sharma
    Effect of Land Use and Land Cover changes on Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

  4. Group 4 : Mr. Chittaranjan Dave and Mr. Shivam Trivedi
    Elephant distribution and habitat preferences in the Western Ghats of Karnataka from the available direct and indirect evidences

  5. Group 5 : Mrs. Sunipa Chaterjee and Mr. Parth Tailor
    Tree Distribution and Habit preference with respect to the Elevation, Rainfall and soil type of Western-ghats region (Karnataka) 

  6. Group 6 : Mr. Beependra Singh and Ms. Manika Bindal
    Site Suitability For Waste Disposal In & Out of Ooty